Emotions Code FAQ

What are trapped emotions?
Trapped Emotions are like balls of energy, vibrating at different frequencies depending on the emotion. For example, Anger is a different vibration than Sadness or Insecurity. These vibrations tend to affect the body wherever they are stuck.

How many emotions will be released in a session?
The number of emotions released during a session is dependent on what your subconscious is ready to release. On average between 4 to 8 emotions may be released per session.

How may session will I need?
The number of session varies from person to person. It is dependent on the issues you are dealing with and your personality.

What can I expect after a session?
You may not notice anything at all and just feel great, but approximately 20% of the population may experience some  of the following symptoms, for a short time.
– Feel out of sorts,
– have changes in your sleeping pattern,
– vivid dreams or
– emotional ups and downs,
This is totally normal! Drink lots of water, eat healthy and get lots of rest, and let your energy body heal itself.

What is a Heartwall?
A Heart Wall is created by our subconscious mind as a way of protecting us against future hurts and disappointments. A Heart Wall restricts us, from experiencing live and love to our fullest. It may also cuts us of from ourselves, as we can judge parts of us as unacceptable or unlovable
The Heart Wall is made up of trapped emotions. These trapped emotions usually revolve around feelings of being hurt, rejected, betrayed, but they can be  any of the sixty emotions on the Emotion Code chart. They can even be inherited trapped emotions, emotions passed on to us from our family line, or pre-conceptual emotions.

How long will it take to clear a Heartwall?
 The number of session required to clear a Heartwall varies from person to person. It is dependent on the age of the Heartwall and the number of emotions that are part of the Heartwall.
Why do we use magnets to release trapped Emotions?

Just like a magnifying glass will intensify sunlight enough to start a fire, magnets can act as an amplifier for the energy of your thought and intention, enough to produce a change in the body.
The intentions and thoughts we have are energy. Magnets are energy. Your body is energy. Because of this, one can have an effect on the other.
When we identify a trapped emotion with The Emotion Code, we simply must intend to release it, using a magnet to amplify this signal and put it into the body. We use the Governing Meridian as the entrance point for the amplified intention energy, because the Governing Meridian is an energy reservoir that connects directly to all the acupuncture meridians of the entire body. So when you put energy into the Governing Meridian, it flows instantly throughout the body and the trapped emotion is released.

Please note that this technique can also be performed without the use of magnets.

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