What is Biofeedback

Resonance biofeedback gives you the ability to look within yourself and to gain real insight from this information. Something we did not previously think as possible. Though these are energetic readings, they can be equated with a muscle test. With this technology, you are able to perform 100 or 200 muscle tests or more in rapid succession.
Here are some questions to ponder when using biofeedback?

  • What is the best affirmation for me to say today?
  • What is my weakest link in manifesting abundance?
  • What is the energetic disturbance in relation to minerals or vitamins?
  • How does this particular essential oil, vitamin or mineral resonate with me?

If you want to peer into any health issue (energetic information), emotional contemplation (what is the issue you most need to know about today?) or spiritual blockage, biofeedback can help you with this information.

It has been said that awareness is the first step necessary before one can takes action. For awareness, resonance biofeedback is your top tool! The more you test and take in where you are in space and time emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, then you can make more informed decisions. In fact, not having access to resonance biofeedback makes life alot more difficult!

I find that in today’s world, people want to understand what is going on for them and get to the root cause. Biofeedback absolutely shines in this area! Although nothing is an exact clearcut path, it becomes very easy to put together the greater picture once you get good at biofeedback testing.

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